Our journey began and the seeds of a growing passion were planted with a once in a life-time adventure around the world twenty five years ago. Experiencing the beauty and simplicity of world-class wine regions, in both the old and the new world, and learning from some of the trusted stewards of these lands was the inspiration to follow a dream and walk down a path less traveled. Lighthouse is also a tribute to family and that inextinguishable light in the darkness that emboldens us to move forward.



Christian’s journey began in the vineyard as all great wines do. He was previously involved with a partnership that developed and owned the U.S.’s largest portfolio of high-end vineyards in California, Oregon and Washington. It was here that Christian first learned about site selection, vineyard development, viticulture and winemaking. Over the last two decades, his passion to understand the critical elements of producing great wine led him to pursue extensive coursework study in viticulture, enology as well as complete advanced certifications from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. Christian has expanded his winemaking knowledge and further developed his craft by working with and humbly learning from acclaimed winemakers in California and Washington with many decades of experience and wisdom.